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Moisture Control

Moisture control is very important to homeowners.  Moist areas and standing water around and under your home are breeding grounds for pests.  Moisture uncontrolled can lead to major and costly structural damage to your home.

Global Pest Services specializes in moisture control.  The first step is a thorough home inspection.  After the inspection, an analysis will be done and a customized plan developed based on your situation.  Some of the solutions that are implemented in our plans include:

Santa Fe Ultra Efficient Dehumidifiers-designed to remove odor-causing moisture caused by humidity. Prevents the growth of damaging mold, mildew, bacteria and other biological allergens.

Temp-Vent Foundation Ventilation-installed in the crucial foundation portion of your home, these systems make sure air is circulated to prevent built-up moisture that can cause damp rot and eventually lead to costly damage.

French Drains-installed by Global if needed to keep moisture away from the house. Other drainage solutions are also provided.

Moisture Barriers-covering installed between the ground under your house and the insulation.

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