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Did you know that Termites cause up to $5 billion dollars worth of damage in the United States alone? The Hampton Roads area is the third worst zone for termites in the United States.

You may ask how Global Pest Services knew that. Well, Global Pest Services is a family owned and operated company that is serving the Hampton Roads area. Owner Robert Haddox has over 20 years of experience in the Pest Control business world.

Certified by the Virginia Department of Agriculture
Certified Wood Destroying Insect Inspector
Licensed Contractor Commonwealth of Virginia (2705 115339)

Having the experience and continuing to educate oneself in the pest control business, Robert knows the Hampton Roads climate and the moisture and pest problems it creates.

Global Pest Services provides free home inspections to detect various problems dealing with Termites, Pests, or problems associated with wood destroying organisms that maycause Structural damage & Moisture problems that may be caused by climate in the area or even leaking pipes, poor drainage or poor insulation or ventilation (allowing pipes to produce condensation). All inspections and technicians affiliated with Global Pest Services are certified by The Virginia Department of Agriculture. Global Pest Services also provides cost-effective 1 year service programs that are available and are recommended. The Global Pest Services team creates customized solutions to correct current problems and prevent future ones.

Please call us at (757) 421-7722 to schedule an inspection or ask any questions. You may also e-mail us at info@globalpestservices.com

Wishing ALL a Safe & Happy 4th of July.
From our Family to Yours!

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Do you know what is going on around your home? No matter how your home is constructed, or how old it is, it could be attacked by termites. Termites cause thousands of dollars of damage each year in Hampton Roads area and unfortunately the damage is not covered by most homeowner’s insurance.
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Yeah, Spring has arrived along with movement of swarmers. Swarmers are normally seen this time of the year, termite colonies produce “swarmers” - the winged adults that fly away to form their own colonies. Swarming usually occurs during the daytime and is simply nature's way of reminding you that termites are nearby and time to Call GLOBAL PEST SERVICES, today to schedule your Free "termite" inspection. Nothing better than “Peace of Mind”. 757-421-7722 ...

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